Destination and Culture – An Overview

Destination. Definition of destination is used in travel and tourism to refer to any fixed point on earth at a specific time. It is a fixed point where you have to go. There are many destinations around the world, as we all know and some famous ones are Caribbean, Australia, Central America, South East Asia, Northern Africa, Western Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, Jamaica, Bali and so on.


Definition of destination country: the first part of the definition of the destination country refers to the government or political subdivision or authority of that destination. The second part would be the culture, traditions and other important factors which are characteristic to that particular destination. For example, Caribbean would be the destination country for those people who love sailing and living near the coastlines where the seashore is very smooth and safe. Therefore, when you say “Cocacao” you would refer to Cocoa, the capital city of Brazil, whereas “Aruba” would mean the coastal area of Southern Caribbean.

These are some of the common definitions for the destination. Many people may want to choose a particular destination for their vacations and this can be done by doing a lot of research online. You can check out various travel websites where you would find plenty of information about the various places and you would be able to find out what exactly you want to do there and what are the best times of the year to go there. If you don’t want to go by the information available on the website then you can personally visit the destination country to see for yourself the kind of atmosphere and the people there.