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Food & Drink Infographics is visuals that highlight critical data, facts, and serving sizes of popular beverages and food items. These infographics help consumers to get a better understanding of the nutritional content and serving size of different food items as well as beverage combination. This enables them to make appropriate food and beverage choices. As per FDA (Food & Drug Administration), more than 30% of Americans generally fail to meet their daily recommended dietary allowances for essential vitamins and minerals, which in turn result in many health problems for them. Food & Drink Infographic is one of the most effective marketing tools that can bring out this critical information for your products in the form of an Infographic.

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Food & Drink Infographic July/august edition, the number of food products is predicted to grow at double digits due to the increasing middle class demand, rising obesity rates, and increased health consciousness among masses. An ideal way to market and promote their products to this targeted section of society is through Food & Drink Infographic. A well designed graphic, which provides detailed information in a simple manner, has the potential to bring massive benefits to a company by helping them to showcase the positive features and potential of their product and services to masses.

The information provided on these visual displays can be broken down into various sections, such as nutrition, taste, variety, and many others. The data and nutritional information provided by these charts clearly demonstrate how each variety of food item affects health and fitness. These visual presentations can also highlight serving and storage requirements of food items like noodles, grains, dairy products, fruits, etc., along with serving size and portion information for best user convenience. Most of these infographics are prepared by experts in the field and are updated from time to time. Food & Drink Infographic July/august edition offers a wide range of data and graphics on different food & drink items and beverages.