Food & Drink Magazine Promises Exciting Features and News

Food & Drink Technology is a magazine that features the very best in the business and technical news, review, feature, essay, profiles and product innovations. This periodical will be a combination of both fine print and feature articles on every aspect of food and beverage technology from the laboratory to the bar and from the kitchen to the market. It will include an outstanding range of both new and used technology and the best used and best selling products. The magazine will also strive to keep current on the most important developments and trends in all facets of food and drink.

Food & Drink Technology will be available in July and is focused on the exciting and emerging fields of food and beverage technology. The magazine’s 29th issue will feature an article on lettuce league by lettie eagle, who is a culinary writer for several publications including Serious Eats and Cook’s Illustrated. lettie teague observes that the key to good tasting food is using the right balance of flavor intensity, texture, presentation and seasonings. He also recommends several ways to use seasonings besides just cooking them.

Another article to look for in Food & Drink Technology will be written by Karen Smith, a senior food & drink reporter for WPNW News in Philadelphia, PA. Ms Smith will write an article on what she feels are the best summertime drinks. She will recommend two drinks she loves: fresh squeezed lemonade and frozen yogurt. These drinks will be featured on her web site when the issue comes out. Food & Drink on July 21st will be devoted to the exciting world of food and drink technology.