How to Effectively Promote Your Destination

Destination marketing is basically a form of advertising which promotes a destination (usually a town, city, area, etc) with an objective to increase the number of visitors to that destination. Simply put, destination marketing is real estate marketing for a particular place. Many companies use this technique a lot and have seen great results. A company may want to promote their hotel in order to increase their customer base or a local business may want to promote their products or services through a kiosk placed in a certain area of the city where many tourists will see it and hear about it.


Some creative companies also use location-based advertising campaigns to promote a destination. One such place is in Georgia, specifically the capital of Georgia – Atlanta. In recent years, Georgia’s tourism industry has grown exponentially and the growth has outstripped the number of new hotel rooms. As a result, there has been an overflow of hotels and motels in Atlanta, making it one of the most popular places for people to stay.

To get an insight into what advertising campaigns are best for Georgia, you should first look at the Georgia KPI (key performance indicators) associated with hotels. For example, the Hotels and Motels KPI in Georgia are comprised of the following: Room occupancy rate, room availability, percent of rooms occupied, trends in guestrooms and rooms, percentage of rooms occupied by repeat customers, and last, but not least, the cost of room reservations. Obviously, the costs of advertising campaigns are a significant factor when coming up with the Georgia KPI’s. However, when it comes to actually implementing an advertising campaign, companies should also consider creating a community goodwill program that will be beneficial to both the Georgia tourism industry and the local residents. The community goodwill program can be in the form of free promotional gifts or services such as picking up trash cans for a donation, cleaning up graffiti on hotel windows, and many more. By creating a cohesive community goodwill program, businesses can reap the benefits of the goodwill campaign without having to spend as much money as they would have if they were to implement separate advertising programs.