How to Play Online Poker


In Poker, players make bets with chips in the shape of a card. The value of a chip depends on the suit. The lowest value chip is a white one. A red chip is worth two, four or five whites, and a blue chip is worth ten or twenty or more. To enter a poker game, players “buy in” by purchasing chips, usually the same amount. The next player to buy in receives the same amount as their previous bet.

A common poker game is texas hold’em, which requires two or more people to participate. Each person has two to five kartu, and the player with the best combination of kartu wins. The tertinggi hand is a royal flush, straight flush, or full house. If any player has three of these, they are known as a high card. In this case, a low hand is a low card, while a high card is a high card.

Limits: In a poker game, a player may be allowed to bet only up to the number of chips in the pot at any given time. Any player who raises may count part of his or her chips in the pot and be required to call. The limit is usually set at fourteen or twenty chips. When betting, players should pay close attention to the limit of their chips. However, if one player has a pair, a limit of ten chips is generally used.