IDNPoker Review – Playing Online Poker


Poker is a popular gambling game that has been played for centuries. Some sources claim that it originated in New Orleans, a town populated by French settlers, but other researchers claim that it has a German or Persian origin. There are many different variations of the game.

The most common form of poker is Texas hold ’em. In this game, players are dealt five cards and must make bets on their hands. The highest hand is usually awarded the pot, though there are a number of games that award a split pot to the two highest hands.

Another variant of the game is draw poker. This is similar to a stud game, with each player being given five cards and making a bet in each round. However, each player is allowed to discard some of the cards.

Other variants include three-card brag, which is a version of Primero. This game was extremely popular during the American Revolution. It is also a very bluffing-oriented game.

IDNPoker is a server-based online poker site that has been around since 2010. It launched in Cambodia in 2010, and is now the largest poker network in Asia. Currently, it focuses on Malaysia and Indonesia.

IDNPoker uses a bmm RNG certificate, and holds a PAGCOR license. It also offers API Integration and white label solutions for skins.

Aside from the standard poker games, IDNPoker offers a number of kartu variations. Its main focus is on Indonesia, but it also has a presence in Malaysia and Thailand.