Online Gambling Statistics

The online gambling industry is incredibly varied. A recent study revealed that more than 400,000 male youth play for money every week, and more than 1.7 million are active every month. According to these numbers, the average number of accounts per person is 3.2. The statistics also reveal where the biggest gamblers live, and the kind of gaming they engage in. However, these figures aren’t entirely accurate. It’s important to understand the statistics and how they relate to the gambling industry.

Many online gamblers report that they do not play only for fun, but to make money. Although the majority of these activities take place at home, one in five gamblers report that they do so at a pub or club. While the number of people playing casino games online has decreased significantly in the last year, it has been increasing. A survey of 8,000 adults conducted by Yonder Consulting found that one in five (20%) of those surveyed had gambled outside the home.

Despite the fact that online gambling is growing as a mainstream activity, it remains a relatively small niche. The age group that is most active in online gambling is the same in every country. The number of people that have played casino games online is not uniformly high. The majority of people in these countries have mobile devices, and this has changed the online gambling landscape. As a result, more people are now spending time playing casino games on their mobile devices, and the number of people who play casino games is increasing.